Some people think of the teen years as being like the Terrible Two's, filled with challenge and angst and rebellion! But really, these are exciting times, with amazing opportunities to be fascinated by our kids as we shepherd them toward successful young adulthood.

In these courses, you'll learn about important changes that are going on in kids’ brains throughout the tween/teen years.

You’ll also discover how those changes impact their ability to manage emotions and make good decisions in social situations. 

Best of all, you'll learn how to turn parenting challenges into teachable moments that result in more responsible, respectful, resilient teens!

Come on! Let's get started!

Your facilitator: Eva Dwight, MEd

Certified Positive Discipline Trainer

Do you believe the relationship between you and your kids doesn’t need to be difficult? I believe that parents and kids have an immense capacity for making changes in their lives, when they have the knowledge and tools.

During my 32 years in the field of education, first as a teacher then counselor, I’ve worked with hundreds of parents and kids. I helped them create success with Positive Discipline experiential learning techniques such as active role playing, practicing kind and firm responses, and a power-with versus power-over approach. From that experience, I’ve developed these online courses to equip you with the language and tools to teach your kids to be respectful, responsible and resilient.

Parenting is hard work...often frustrating work...and I want to reassure you: the struggle is real! AND you're NOT ALONE!

In addition to the video lessons and reflections to give you practice with the strategies, at the end of each module, I invite you to email me with questions, concerns, and SUCCESSES! I'm here to provide insight that might be helpful to you when you're struggling, and to celebrate with you when you're feeling proud of your progress!

I'll look forward to joining you on your parenting journey. See you soon!

What are parents saying about these courses?

"Thank you. These courses have made me more mindful of who I am and how to interact with others. Not just my own kids, but with adults as well."

"My biggest take away is that I need to change my communication patterns in order to solve problems with my kids when they make mistakes. Finding solutions empowers them to develop into their best selves."

"These courses give really good points on how we parents can contribute to making our child's behavior better before the bad behavior happens."

These courses are officially licensed by Positive Discipline.

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Recommended Course Order

I recommend that you start with the
FREE Module 1:
Welcome to Navigating the Teen years!
This module has two video sessions, each with a reflection handout, to get you started using Positive Discipline concepts and some important tools that we'll be referencing in the modules that follow.
If you complete the remaining modules in order, you'll find that they build on each other.
Once you've completed a module, you can email me to receive a certificate for 1 hour of participation in a parenting class.
Please feel free to contact me with questions about any of these courses. I'd love to hear from you!
[email protected]